About Us


The soul of our food is traditional Mexican cuisine, but our heart is in the Comox Valley.  We strive to honour our soul while listening to our heart. Our goal is to provide you with authentic Mexican flavours using the freshest ingredients sourced from our local fishers and farmers along with quality Mexican ones. We make everything from scratch, including all of our own corn tortillas, organic beans, mole, caramel fudge, and even the all important hot sauce provided on every table. The menu changes seasonally to take advantage of local produce and to keep the menu fresh and varied.


TITA'S is a little oasis in downtown Courtenay, BC.  The quaint, bright yellow house was built in 1938 in the midst of what was then the orchard district. TITA's connects to these roots today through the 17 fruit trees and beautiful garden that thrive on the property. The trees include exotics like fig, kiwi, quince, and Asian pears, as well as the more common cherries, pears, apples, plums, crab apples and peach plums. It is a gorgeous sight while the trees are in blossom and the fruit is a boon in the kitchen.

In addition, the garden produces food such as tomatillos, peppers, herbs, tomatoes, garlic, rhubarb, pinto beans and edible flowers for the restaurant.

Come by, sit inside by one of the two cozy Mexican tiled fireplaces or outside on our deck set among the fruit trees and colourful, serene garden. Enjoy some delicious Mexican food and soak up the local ambiance.





TITA'S takes its name from a wonderful Mexican novel by Laura Esquirel called “Like Water For Chocolate“. The heroine, whose name is Tita, is born and raised in the kitchen and finds an outlet through cooking to express her powerful emotions. Her quail in rose petal sauce fills her sister with such passion that she flees the dinner table to have a cold shower and the shower bursts into flame. We hope our food inspires such passion in you.


Cinco de Mayo, Tita's May 2013
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