Botanas, Entradas  y  Antojitos  (Appetizers)

Cinco de Mayo, Tita's May 2013


Botanas (Snacks)

Chicharrones     $4

puffed, crispy pork rinds   the best way to try our hot sauces

Sikil-Pak      $4

Mayan tomato and pumpkin seed dip

Plátano Macho Frito      $5

fried plantain chips served with chipotle tamarind salsa

Chicharrón de Queso      $5 each

monterey jack cheese, cooked to brown crispy goodness, topped with chipotle salsa

 Entradas (Appetizers)

Nachos:     tostada      $4 each           small      $11          large      $16       

      - side guacamole      $6

crisp  tortilla chips, covered in melted cheese, red onion, pickled jalapeño, black beans, sour cream, and salsa mexicana

Tamale      $6 each

pork in salsa verde or poblano pepper and cheese

Esquites      $6

grilled corn kernels mixed with chili powder, mayonnaise, lime juice and cheese

Plátano Macho con Barbacoa        $8

fried plantain covered in guacamole and topped with shredded lamb barbacoa and tomatillo salsaa puffed corn tortilla stuffed with pureed black bean, and topped with avocado, pickled onion, romaine, and tomatillo salsa

Flautas        $3 each

crispy rolled tortillas filled with potato and house made chorizo, served with guacamole


 Mariscos (Seafood)

Tostada de Aquachile      $6 each

a crisp corn tortilla topped with shrimp marinated in cucumber, lime and serrano chile, topped with red onion and radish

Ostiones de la Bahía Whaletown      $9

six oysters on the half shell, served with lime, Mexican mignonette and hot sauce

Oyster Shooters       $3 each

an oyster in a shot glass topped with either chipotle caesar or lime margarita

Ceviche      $12

lime cured pacific cod with avocado and tomatillo, served with chips

Ensaladas y Sopa (Salads and Soup)

Ensalada de Sandia y Jicama       $8

watermelon, jicama, and cucumber salad with fresh oregano and black pepper

Tita's Ensalada César       $9

avocado and lime Caesar over romaine with cured pork belly and garlic croutons

Sopa de Aquacate       $8

chilled avocado soup seasoned with lime juice and cilantro, topped with crisp tortilla strips

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