Our Team

Damon Ulmi - Chef/Owner

Damon brings a passion and flair for Mexican cuisine to the Comox Valley to offer a unique, yet authentic dining experience. Since purchasing TITA'S Restaurant in 2013, he has been showcasing traditional menu items, many prepared using methods he learned in homes of  people he met travelling throughout Mexico.

Damon trained at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts after earning a degree in mechanical engineering. He brings expertise honed in the kitchens of Toronto’s Susur, Opus, Perigee and Café du Lac, where he was Executive Chef. Feeling the pull to come back west, he returned to Vancouver in 2011 as Sous Chef at “C”, Vancouver’s renowned seafood restaurant.

 “I am delighted to be in the Comox Valley where I can create inspired menus with some of the finest ingredients around,” said Chef Ulmi. “We are working hard to incorporate traditional Mexican dishes and techniques with local ingredients and  many items grown right here in TITA'S gardens.”

While TITA'S reflects Damon's passion and skill, it is also a family affair. Parents Ron and Sandi, residents of the Valley since 2003, have delighted in nurturing the gardens and using their skills to help improve the property inside and out.


The Rest of the  Team

Our team of cooks, servers, and kitchen staff  is exceptional. Their dedication and attention to detail, as well as the thoughtful service they provide, creates a welcoming and memorable dining experience at TITA'S.

Cinco de Mayo, Tita's May 2013
Cinco de Mayo, Tita's May 2013

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